Wyest zip locator

This is a pure php mysql application for locating the Dealers or Zip codes. Its just 1,2 and 3 to install the application. The user needs to be running the php and MySql and thats it. Just download the zip file from here and install it on your sysyetm. The database scripts alongwith zip data scripts are within the zip file. Run the scripts from any tool or command line. This app is platform independent.

More improvements are under development and will be available very shortly. Keep yourself updated from time to time.

Download Free Zip Locator        DEMO

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Built on best practices and design patterns (such as MVC architectural pattern)

and delivers lot of J2EE / JAVA development experience out-of-box. Not only do companies realize an immediate return-on-investment, they deliver an integration-ready structure with greater visibility and control across a portfolio of systems. JRDA enables project teams to accelerate project delivery while growing J2EE/Java and OO expertise and while ensuring a quality deliverable.

Kila Security Solution
Security Solutions A cross-platform (UNIX, MS, and Linux) java single sign-on (SSO) solution. It gathers the user network credentials from the user desktop and then communicates securely with the corporate directory server (iPlanet, Novell, Microsoft AD, etc.) to verify those credentials. This solution integrates with the application container's security framework such as that of Weblogic security framework. Kila can enable the easy security integration for many packaged products as well such as Bea Portal, autonomy search engine, Documentum, etc. Currently, Kila security solution provides full support for Bea Weblogic application server 7.x and 8.x.