global services overview

  • Global Strategic Delivery (GSD) Unlike other offshore development companies, which house all of their staff in other countries, Wyest maintains sales, marketing, Architect's and project managers in the United States. Therefore we can perform onsite design and communicate seamlessly with our clients. Since we perform most of our programming in India we can significantly reduce development expenses and send on the savings to you, our client. We have designed a process with the help of our collaborative tools which allows us to execute projects in a much efficient way.

  • Software Solutions Wyest has vast experience in creating web based applications to manage your internal process flow. By automating your business processes you can reduce the overheads and speed up your operations resulting in increase profitability.

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Available Services

Software Solutions and Development The internet is littered with thousands of out-of the-box software. But how many of these out-of-the-box solutions work for your business?
This is where custom software developed by Wyest comes in the picture. Wyest will incorporate unique features of your business and specifics whilst designing the software. Our years of experience in software design and development makes our customized software applications extremely cost effective, while providing significantly improved information management process specific to your business. Basically, the end product is highly optimized, functional software built to be business specific.

Business Analysis We start with an in-depth analysis of your business and a detailed requirements document is prepared. We take time and with a keen eye for detail, understand your business operations. We look at your products and services and also understand your business philosophy.

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