Project Methodology
Requirements Management
Requirements are planned in tight cooperation with the client. Changes are controlled so that all project activities reflect any changes and all teams involved in the project are notified about the changes.
Project Planning
Proper project planning is performed using Microsoft Project. The estimates are given according to past experiences and by using advanced estimation techniques.
Project Tracking
Status reports and measurements are made on regular basis.
Risk Management
A Top Risks List is created during the project planning stage and risks are monitored and addressed throughout the project’s lifecycle.
Software Configuration Management
All project work from requirements to deliverables is subject to configuration management. Version control is established with the help of Visual Source Safe. Also, a daily build procedure is performed to ensure project stability.
Incident Management
We use TestTrack to perform incident management activities. A defined incident lifecycle ensures proper change management.
Object-Oriented Approach
OOA is used as the core principle of system design, which allows effective building of very complex solutions.
Code Reviews
Code reviews are used to reduce defects at the coding stage. Also, system design and architecture reviews are performed to detect flaws in the early stages of the project.
Software Quality Assurance
A dedicated SQA team is formed to provide continuous stability and requirements compliance tests.
Software Technologies
Wyest always go for the State of the Art Technologies
Dot Net